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A lot of people tend to look for apartment decor ideas when they’re moving into a new place. These decor pieces are perfect for adding some personalization to a new apartment.

While there are many things you will need to beautify your new place, you will likely need paintings and portraits to personalize it.

With that in mind, here are some options for you to adapt the apartment to your style.


Tropical Leaves

tropical leaf mural apartment decor idea
This isn’t a full-wall painting, it’s a mural. Yet, there’s no doubt that it will cover enough of your surface for you to not need much else in terms of decor. Apart from the optimal coverage, the mural is also a solid addition to your apartment. It will definitely get people intrigued.

The details in this painting are very lifelike. At first glance, you might not even realize its wall art. The combination of light and dark green tones can be used to set the decor tone for your space.


Desert Modern

desert modern decor style art featuring a cactus
Minimalist paintings have become a part of the modern home once again. With that in mind, check out this stunning work of art. It doesn’t feature overly vivid plant details, but it gets the job done enough to beautify your room and leave an impression on your guests.

There is a lot to love about this product. It’s not too large, but it’s also not too small. That perfect measurement makes it ideal for a room of any size, although you should remember to only put it close to a wall that features bright colors. Having this on a black or brown wall might not let its color pop so much.


Urban Modern

street art for apartment decor ideas
Portraits of urban centers are another winner when it comes to finding the best apartment decor ideas. With this lovely Banksy street art reproduction, you can have a portrait that works for any area of the apartment.

Banksy painted this girl with her hand stretched outwards toward a balloon. It isn’t immediately clear if the child is letting go of the balloon or reaching out to grab it. This work first appeared in London.


Rustic Apartment Decor Ideas

rustic apartment decor ideas featuring daisy wall art
As the name says, this product is made for rustic style decor. It doesn’t feature extravagant details or any excess color filling, however it is a fantastic addition to most country styles.

Talk about minimalism at its best. It’s appropriate for any part of your house, although you will want to hang it in a room with a bright wall color.


Asian Style

asian dragon hanging posters for apartment decor ideas
If you would like to have a painting that expresses your appreciation for the Asianculture, here is the perfect chance. Asian mythology is known for depictions of mythical creatures like dragons, and this one pays homage to that creature.

With a beautiful combination of smoke and shadows, the portrait can become the centerpiece of asian style decor in your house. Even better is the fact that it works whether you combine the pieces together or you leave them apart. If you want to go with the latter, then you could keep one in the living area and have the others in your rooms.


Romantic Wine For Two

large glasses of wine featured in a 3 panel canvas
If you’re the type to showcase how much you love romantic themes, then check out apartment decor ideas like this baby. The portrait is an ode to the classic date setting, with glasses of wine cheersing each other before both parties consume them.

Every detail in this piece of art is clear and lifelike. This helps to bring out the portrait’s true beauty and can draw attention from anyone. Sadly, the only demerit that the product has is that it won’t work when you separate each piece. They need to be together to make the most sense.



lion themed apartment living room
The Lion is the king of the jungle (or rather, the Savanna). Fearless, brave, and daring, he rules with absolute supremacy. Apartment decor ideas like this might help you to channel the Lion spirit every day as you head out to work.

Animal aficionados will likely appreciate the clarity and depth of this picture. You get to see every detail on the Lion perfectly, including the hairs on his head. That level of vividness is not something we see frequently in depictions of these cats.

As expected, this is one of those apartment decor ideas on a budget that you could conveniently keep in any part of your house.


Tree Apartment Decor Ideas

purple birch trees featured in wall art above a purple couch as small apartment decorating ideas
Nature aficionados can probably appreciate how beautiful this baby is. It’s perfect for any type of setting, and you will love how strong the details are.

From the manipulation of colors to the depiction of trees in high resolution, there is hardly anything not to love about this product. It is also a versatile apartment wall decor idea.



at home bar with wine and vinyard themed canvas wall art
How about a glass of wine to help quench your thirst? If you’re one who loves a glass of red, then you could share your love for the finer things of life with this lovely piece of art. It perfectly captures some of the staples in a winery, including grapes, cups, and glasses of freshly-brewed wine.

This here is one of those paintings that don’t need much in terms of detail to be understood. It’s a perfect fixture for the living room, showing people how you like your bubbly.


Maps and Wanderlust Apartment Decor Ideas

Rounding out our list of the most beautiful apartment decor ideas is this stunning map picture that shows the many countries of the world. It’s clear and beautiful, and it allows you to appreciate the beauty of the world.

You’ll love the clear-cut depictions on the portrait and the fact that it works best for your living room. If you ever need help remembering how a certain place appears on a map, this could even help you.



As you move into your new apartment, you could just as well check out any of these cheap apartment decor ideas to spruce up your space and make it feel homely. The point is to use a decor scheme that shows the things you love and are passionate about.