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So, reader, what is your favorite season. Summer is hot and the perfect time to take a vacation! Who doesn’t love spending and afternoon on a beautiful beach? Spring had moderate temperatures, and is often the time when the world is at it’s most beautiful. Winter? Cold, but comforting. Everyone loves snuggling up next to the fire and sipping on hot cocoa! That said, I think we’re missing one! At Wall26, our favorite season is fall! The days are shorter, the air is crisper. The leaves turn a beautiful red and orange and the holidays are right around the corner! Whether you’re picking pumpkins or drinking apple cider, there’s always something exciting to do during fall! Want to learn more? Read here for autumn wall art facts!

Season of the Soul

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  1. Isn’t it strange how fall has multiple names? Spring, summer and winter all have one, while fall is also known around the world as autumn. Did you know that the season also had a third name that is no longer in use? In 12th and 13th century Middle English, fall was called “haerfest,” which referred to the act of cultivating the crops for consumption. This word was modernized over the years and became known as “harvest” due to harvest moon being part of the autumn equinox.
  2. There are a lot of things that are emblematic of the fall season. One of the most recognizable emblems of the autumn season is the beautiful orange pumpkin. Wondering why pumpkins are loved so much during this season? Studies indicate that what people love most about pumpkins is the sense of nostalgia that they supply; pumpkins represent farm life and tradition, which is something most people love!
  3. One of the most interesting facts about fall is that people who are born during this season are likely to have longer lives! Research indicates that most of the people who have lived to 100 years or over were born during the season. Research shows that the month that you’re born in can influence the environment that you develop in, which can affect the length of your life.
  4. Did you know that the seasons have mythological stories behind their creation in multiple cultures. In Greek mythology, fall first started when Persephone, the daughter of the goddess of nature and harvest Demeter, was kidnapped by Hades. Hades fell in love with Persephone, and wanted her to stay in the underworld with him. Demeter was so angry that she killed all of the crops on the planet until Persephone agreed to return. Her return marks the coming of spring!
  5. One of the most special things about fall is the colors of the leaves. Everything in nature goes from sparkling green to a deep red and orange tone. Wondering why that is? Well, it’s all about sugar! Dark red, purple, yellow and orange leaves are caused by a pigment that builds up in leaves exposed to dry weather and sunlight. The more of these that leaves get, the more vibrant they turn in color! Read below for more autumn wall art facts.

Nature’s Red Mosaic

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  1. Speaking of leaves, you may wonder why every environment in fall is filled with falling leaves. Well, a lot of it is due to light! When leaves aren’t exposed to lots of light like they are during the summer, they produce a hormone that increases the growth of cells between the steam and leaf! Essentially, the leaf pushers itself from its own steam.
  2. An interesting health fact about autumn is that heart health is better! Isn’t that strange, since food-focused events like Thanksgiving are huge parts of the season? For some reason the spring equinox, which adds an hour to our clocks, is strongly connected to better heart health. Perhaps slower paced days lead to a more relaxed atmosphere.
  3. There’s one thing we have to mention. Yes, you probably already know what it is. Pumpkin spice! Over the past decade, this specific flavoring has taken the world by storm. You can get pumpkin spice coffee, beer, donuts, cupcakes and even turkey nowadays! Did you know that pumpkin spice is a bit of a misnomer? This spice doesn’t actually contain any pumpkin! The spice is simply a mix of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and cloves. It’s called pumpkin spice because it’s the spice mixture most commonly found in pumpkin pie.
  4. Aside from Thanksgiving, the most popular fall holiday is easily Halloween! Wondering about the origins of this spooky holiday? It first started with the Celts, an ancient people that lived in what is now Britain and Ireland. They believed that on the night before Halloween, the boundary between the realms of life and death was broken. They decided to start wearing strange clothing, or costumes, to ward off any spiritual forces!
  5. Many people believe that autumn is caused by planet distance. Many people believe that since the sun is closer to the planet during summer, the transition to fall is caused by the sun moving further away from Earth. This isn’t true! Fall is actually caused by Earth’s tilt in relation to the sun. When the South Pole tips toward the sun, weather starts to cool here. Did you enjoy these autumn wall art facts?


3 Piece Canvas Wall Art - Panoramic Autumn Landscape with Country Road in Orange Tone - Modern Home Art Stretched and Framed Ready to Hang - 16

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Ah, fall truly is wonderful! What is your favorite part of the season? Picking up a delicious pumpkin spice latte? Taking a walk through a park filled with trees that have golden and amber colored leaves? Maybe it’s taking the kids trick-or-treating. Or perhaps you just like breathing in the crisp, fall air! Whatever you love about fall, we love too! We hope you learned something from reading this blog! Thanks for reading these autumn wall art facts!