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In today’s world, finding the correct thing to eat can be extremely difficult. Some things have too many carbs! A lot of processed products contain sugar, despite the fact that they’re savory items! Walking around the market can be a dizzying experience, especially for someone who isn’t used to consistently eating healthy. In our opinion, the best place to start with reinvigorating your diet is through the consumption of fruits and vegetables! Fruits and vegetables have been in the human diet for the majority of human history! We have enjoyed eating them raw, cooked, chilled, frozen and in every other preparation in-between! We drink them in juice, and sometimes even use them as if they were seasonings! Are you interested in changing your diet? Read below for some fruit & vegetable wall art facts that will help you along the way!

Eat to Live, Don’t Live To Eat!

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  1. Did you know that bananas are one of the healthiest and most fascinating foods on Earth? Bananas are a favorite around the world, whether they’re used to top breakfast cereal or ice cream, you can be sure that they’ll be used for something! High in potassium, it’s one of the beat fruits to eat to maintain bone health. Were you aware that every single banana is actually the exact same one? In the 1950s, the most popular species of banana was wiped out by a disease. The new species, Cavendish bananas, were cloned for easier production. Every banana consumed today comes from that first cloned bunch!
  2. There have been many myths regarding the healthfulness of fruits and vegetables depending on what form they’re in. For example, many people believe that frozen fruits and vegetables are useless because cold temperatures kill nutrients. This is not true! Studies conducted by the FDA have confirmed that decreases in nutrition caused by freezing temperatures are negligible; frozen fruits and vegetables offer virtually the same nutritional benefits that fresh ones do.
  3. One of the most important things our bodies need, that we often don’t get enough of, is fiber! Wondering what fiber does? Fiber helps to keep your bowel movements regular, lower your cholesterol, regulate your blood sugar, and help you feel fuller for a longer amount of time. Talk about healthy! If you want to introduce more fiber into your diet, why not try a leafy green like kale?
  4. If we were to ask you what the world’s most hated vegetable is, what would you say? You’d most likely say: brussels sprouts! If that’s what you’d say, then you’d be correct! The acidic, bitter flavor that brussels sprouts have is a culinary turn-off for many people around the world. Funnily enough, they happen to be one of the most nutritious foods in existence. They are packed with vitamins and minerals, have barely any calories, no cholesterol, and contain lots of fiber!
  5. This is a strange fact, but one you need to know! Many fruits and vegetables carry ancestral DNA that they used to wade off predation from thousands of years ago. In other words, many common fruits and vegetables still contain poisons! One of the most popular examples is the potato. Did you know potatoes contain cyanide? Yes, the stuff in spy movies that people chew to evade telling their secrets! Don’t worry though, potatoes don’t have enough cyanide to kill or even sicken a person. Read below for more fruit & vegetable wall art.

Clean Eating is Healthy Eating

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  1. Want to know how healthy vegetables really are? Then read this crazy fact. Broccoli contains more protein than steak! Calorie for calorie, there is more protein in broccoli than there is in any steak. Although you’d have to eat a larger portion of broccoli than steak to get the full protein benefit, broccoli ends up being healthier all around. Broccoli contains less calories, no saturated and trans fats, and no cholesterol! Pumpkin seeds are also a good alternative since they contain protein amounts similar to ground beef!
  2. One of the tastiest fruits is the pineapple! Similar to potatoes, however, they carry a hidden danger! A little known fact about pineapples is that they contain an enzyme known as “bromelain.” This enzyme breaks down proteins in your mouth; some of the easiest proteins to destroy are the taste buds! Have you ever eaten pineapple, then found it hard to taste foods afterward? Pineapple likely killed some of your taste buds! Thankfully, taste buds grow back every 1-2 weeks.
  3. Fruits and vegetables have many uses! Did you know peppers help to encourage proper blood clotting. No, not the dangerous kind. Cayenne pepper encourages the body to equalize blood pressure, which promotes blood clotting from the inside. You can even apply cayenne pepper on small cuts to make them heal faster!
  4. Have you ever had an energy shake? Or maybe even one of those packets of energy gel? Want a natural replacement? Try apples! Apples are high in carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals; they’re the perfect storm of nutrition that will give a nice boost to your productivity!
  5. Onions are extremely divisive! Some people love to eat them. Other finds the taste absolutely disgusting. Some think they smell heavenly when simmering away. Others think they stink! Whatever you think, we want to to know that they’re extremely healthy! With over 100 sulfide-containing compounds, these vegetables help to inhibit the high blood sugar! Did you like these fruit & vegetable wall art facts?


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Now that you know so much about fruits and vegetables, what are you planning to do? Are you going to do some more research? Perhaps write a grocery list of ingredients to pick up? Whatever you decide to do, we hope to learned some healthy facts! Thanks for reading these fruit & vegetable wall art facts!