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How do you feel about white wine? The modest sibling of the revered red whine, white wine sometimes has a bad reputation for being the lightest member of the wine family. Despite its coloring, it can still be flavorful and pack a delicious punch. Easily as refreshing as red wine, as well as being delightful acidic, white wine serves as a perfect companion piece to a nice salad, lightly sauced pasta or seafood. Whether you enjoy Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, or Moscato, it’s important to know a few interesting facts about white wine. So, are you read? If so, read below for some great white wine wall art facts. 

Types, Tannins, Grapes, Alcohol, & Calories

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  1. Did you know that are several types of white wine? Usually, you’ll find around seven varieties in the market or purchasing online: Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Riseling, Pinot Grigio, Moscat, Gewurxtraminer, Viognier.
  2. Tannins are a group of bitter and acidic compounds; they’re essentially what give wine its flavor. Did you know that white wine’s bad reputation comes from the fact that it has less tannins than red wine? For some, the dry-mouth sensation that tannin-heavy wine is what makes wine so desirable; for others, heavy tannin can be unpleasant. Everyone has different tastes! If you’re ok with flavors that aren’t strong, white wine should be right up your alley!
  3. Naturally, you’d believe that white wine comes from green grapes. Well, you’d be right. Green grapes give white wine its distinctive clear, yellow color and flavor. That said, some white wines are actually made with red grapes. Wondering how this is? Well, white grapes are often derived from red grape varieties. These grapes often have slightly red skins, which wine makers are very careful to remove before the wine making process starts.
  4. When comparing two wine varieties, most people would usually compare flavors and acidity. Did you know that wine varieties actually differ in alcohol content, too? Did you know that red wines, on average, have a higher alcohol by volume content than white wines? Questioning why? The fact that red wines have higher tannin content means that their structures can support higher alcohol content without sacrificing their signature flavors. In turn, white wines are highly acidic, which inhibits the amount of alcohol that they can contain; simply put, wines high in acidity pair best with low alcohol levels.
  5. On a diet? Want to lose a few pounds? Just want to be more health conscious in general? Well, white wines have fewer calories than red ones! Most white wines, especially those with significantly lower alcohol contents, are in the range of 107-143 calories per six-ounce serving. In comparison, most red wines ranges from 135-195 calories per serving. Some red wines can even have nearly 300 calories per serving! That said, make sure that you avoid wines like Moscato if you’re trying to remain health conscious. Moscato, like other wines high in sugar, is very caloric! Read below for more white wine wall art facts!

Color, Temperatures, Meals, Popularity & Hangovers

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  1. Did you know that as white wines age, they get darker? Reds, in turn, actually lose color and get pale over time. Wondering why white wines do this? Their color changes occur due to a process called oxidation, in which wine exposed to air during the bottling process turns white colors into brown ones. A good comparison would be to think a white wine like a banana! After being peeled, a banana is a bright white color. What happens when you don’t eat it immediately, however? The banana turns brown!
  2. Wines age best when kept in optimal temperatures. Are you interested in knowing what temperatures white wines thrive in? Well, due to its higher acidity levels, white wine usually requires a colder storing temperature than red wines. Wines like Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc taste best when chilled to 45-50 degrees. Wines with less acidity like Chardonnay or Moscato, require less chilling at about 50-60 degrees when served.
  3. Looking for the perfect meal to pair your brand new bottle of red wine with? Some excellent ideas would be baked chicken, crab, cheese, Caesar salad or ravioli!
  4. Despite the fact that, overall, white wine is less popular than red, a white wine variety is actually one of the best selling wine in the world. Chardonnay is one of the world’s most popular wine varieties! Originally from Burgundy, France, Chardonnay had endured as a popular white wine for decades. Wondering why it’s so popular? Well, it tastes great. Additionally, it’s popular because its easy to find. Vineyards love Chardonnay because its easy to grow, which makes them manufacture a lot. Did you know that California vineyards devote around 90,000 acres of land to Chardonnay alone?
  5. Want to ensure that you won’t wakeup with a hangover after a night of drinking? Well white wines are the answer! High tannin content and high congener (a chemical that gives wine its color) content are both two compounds that worsen hangovers. Red wine is filled with these, but white wines have less. We hope you enjoyed reading these white wine wall art facts!


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Now that you’re basically a white wine expert after reading these facts, what are you going to do now? Are you going to stick to drinking red wine? Are you going to venture out and start tasting the delicious white wine varieties at your local winery? No matter what you choose to do, we hope this article was informative! We hope you enjoyed these white wine wall art facts!