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Summer is officially here! Now that COVID restrictions are slowly loosening around the country, it’s likely that you feel the need to travel again. After over a year of staying within your surrounding neighborhood, you may have forgotten what it’s like to travel! Are you in need of some travel tips and tricks? If so, read below for some great cityscape wall art tips that you can use for your summer vacation plans!


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We know, we know. Making lists is boring! Being organized is boring! Being spontaneous is fun! At Wall26, we like to have trips well planned far in advance! First, you should try making a list of every type of supply or item you need while traveling. Take your method of travel into account. Are you flying? Make a list for what you need on the plane. Are you driving? Make a list of items you need so that you won’t be unprepared on your long road trip. We suggest going even further. Why not make a list of things that you want to do once you reach your destination? If you know exactly what you want to do, you won’t have to waste time deciding or agreeing upon a particular activity! Read below for the next cityscape wall art fact.


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We live in the digital age, so always be cautious! In other words, it’s very important to be aware of the impact that technology can have on our lives when traveling. For instance, over the last several years burglaries of unoccupied homes have become extremely commonplace due to social media. Posting your exact location in a far away place through picture, video, or text can be an invitation for thieves to burglarize your home! Be wary of what you post online. At Wall26, we recommend posting media and text about your vacations only once you’ve arrived home. We know it’s more desirable to post things “in-the-moment”, but safe is always better than sorry! Read below for the next cityscape wall art fact.

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The amount of important items that that you bring on your trips can be dizzying. Due to that, people often gravitate toward keeping all of their important items in a single, “secure” place! Don’t do that! Although we understand the logic behind keeping all of your important items and documents in a memorable location, this can easily lead to disaster. What happens if you lose the belt bag that you decided to keep your passport and phone in? What will you do when you lose the backpack that holds your wallet and plane ticket? It’s important to keep your valuable items in multiple places. Why not keep somethings on your person, and some things in a carrying case? If you’re traveling with multiple people, you can even divide carrying important items amongst yourselves. Read below for the next cityscape wall art fact.


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At Wall26, we understand that you always do your best to keep healthy and safe while traveling. That said, it’s important to take some precautions. It’s very wise to travel with a small kit that could help any member of your travel party with injuries or illnesses. For instance, it’s very possible that someone slips and scrapes their knee. Why not pack band-aids and a spray bottle of disinfectant? Maybe someone in your party is prone to allergic reactions? Try putting over-the-counter allergy pills in your bag. Also, due to the increased amount of people traveling maskless, the common cold is coming back stronger than ever. If you’d like, why not pack a mask for yourself if you’re going to be in close proximity with strangers? Read below for the next cityscape wall art fact!


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Vacations are exciting! In fact, they’re so exciting that we often neglect our bodies. This isn’t because we want to purposely hurt ourselves, instead it’s because we often become a little forgetful when we’re doing fun activities. Due to this, traveling is an easy way to become dehydrated. When we’re dehydrated, we’re prone to exhaustion and nausea. This is ruinous for any trip! Always pack some water, edible hydrating gel, or an athletic sports drink when traveling. Keeping your body up and running is key to having a great vacation! We hope you enjoyed these cityscape wall art facts!


Everyone at Wall26 wants you to have fun this summer, regardless of where you choose to travel. Always make sure to exercise caution and plan for things in advance. Well considered safety measure always make trips more fun! We hope you enjoyed reading these cityscape wall art facts!