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When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade! An iconic adage for an amazing fruit! Lemons are one of the world’s most renowned fruits and can be found in cuisine from cultures around the planet. The lemon is a yellow citrus that belongs to the fruit family called “rutaceae.” It’s scientific name is “citrus limon,” and it has been theorized that it originated in South Asia. Lemons are usually round or oval-shaped, with a thick and fragrant skin. Due to the presence of citric acid within the cell walls of this fruit, lemons have a sour, acidic taste. Being extremely versatile, lemons are used in baked goods, drinks, dressings, sauces and desserts! Interested in knowing more about these amazing fruits? Read below for more lemon wall art facts!


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Did you know that there are different categories of lemons? In fact, there are two. Lemons come in both acidic and sweet varieties. If you’re wondering why you’ve never heard of this before, we have an explanation for you. You’ve probably never had to choose between the two types when grocery shopping because acidic lemons are the only lemon type that is grown commercially and sold in stores. Wondering why? The flavor profile of acidic lemons is what the large majority of people find to be the most palatable. Sweet lemons have a flavor profile unlike the tart taste of acidic lemons, which makes them much less desirable for any kind of culinary preparation. Wondering what sweet lemons are used for if they’re not eaten? Generally, these lemons are used as ornamental plants in home gardens. Read below for more lemon wall art facts.


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As previously stated, lemons are extremely versatile in culinary settings. That said, did you know that lemons also show their versatility when utilized for reasons? Want some examples? First, lemons are great for eliminating unwanted smells. Is your cutting board perfumed by garlic or anchovies? Just rub half of a lemon over its surface to get rid of those smells! Need to remove a wine stain? Simply combine lemon juice with salt and baking soda to remove it! Does your dishwasher leave streaks on your plates? Leaving half a lemon in your dishwasher while its running will eliminate them. Interested in polishing metal surfaces around the house? Try dipping half of a lemon in salt, then scrubbing your metal surfaces with the lemon. Did you know that lemons could do all of these things? Read below for more lemon wall art facts.


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Just like other fruits, lemons have a preferred growing temperature. One particular climate that inhibits lemon growth, is a cold climate. If you live in a cool environment, but still want to grow a lemons, you can grow an indoor lemon tree! There are several varieties of dwarf lemon trees to choose from, making them an excellent aesthetic addition to your household. Need some directions? Well, taking care of an indoor lemon tree isn’t as hard as it sounds. First, find a spot near a window where at least a moderate amount of sunlight pours into the house. Water you tree regular, and provide humidity by installing a tray with gravel. Fertilize and prune your tree occasionally, and you’ll be on your way to crafting the lemon tree of your dreams. Read below for more lemon wall art facts.


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Lemons have a variety of uses, as explained earlier. Did you know that lemons even have odd scientific uses? Have you ever heard of a potato battery? It essentially functions due to the power of electrolytes being carried through metal conductors. Did you know that lemons can be used in a similar way? Building an electro-chemical battery with lemons is a pretty common experiment in schools and science fairs. All that you need, aside from a lemon, is a galvanized nail and a copper penny. Simply insert the nail in one side of the lemon, and the penny in the other side. Just make sure that the nail and the penny don’t touch when places inside the lemon. Connect them to a metal circuit, and you’ll have a functioning lemon battery in no time. Read below for more lemon wall art facts.


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Lemons have a myriad of health benefits, including ones that are preventative in nature. For example, lemons have been studied to help prevent kidney stones. If you’re not familiar with them, kidney stones are very hard deposits of minerals and salts that form inside your kidneys. They are caused due to a variety of reasons, and can only be dispelled through the urinary tract. Lemons contain a ton of citric acid. In fact, they have more citric acid content per liter than both grapefruits and oranges. Ingesting a lot of citric acid can help increase urinary citrate levels to more than twice twice the normal amount. High amounts of urinary citrate are useful because this compound prevents the formation of mineral crystal within the tract. In other words, lemons inhibit the growth of future kidney stones. Did you enjoy reading these lemon wall art facts?


Lemons are one of the most renowned fruits in the world, and for good reason! Lemons are as fun to use culinarily as they are general around-the-house use. Did you know that lemons are even useful for dental, hair, and skin reasons? Whether you decide to use lemons for a delicious summertime drink or to clean the gunk off of your windows, we hope that you enjoyed reading these lemon wall art facts!