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Rose decorations for the bedroom are very popular for a good reason. The rose is many things. Roses are a symbol of enduring love and passion, and they can also show the precious nature of something.

The ancient Romans and Greeks utilized roses to symbolize Aphrodite and Venus, who were the goddesses of love in each respective culture. Like all symbols, many use these roses to relay messages without having to say anything — sending a rose to someone automatically tells them your feelings for them.

In Latin, “sub rosa” is used to define something that is being said in secret. In ancient Rome, people placed wild roses on the doors of their rooms when they were discussing things in confidence.

The confidence aspect, however, has sort of lost its meaning. Now, people associate roses with feelings of love and passion.

Over the past few years, however, this association has become even stronger. In movies and real life, people in relationships give roses to each other as a means of dedicating themselves and showing how much they love each other. In some other scenarios, a rose could have a special meaning that is only known to a party of two.

Regardless of what your meaning for a rose is, there is no doubt about the fact that they hold significant symbolism for people. At the same time, some people honestly just love them for their beauty. Roses are the epitome of being beautiful and precious at the same time.

People who either love horticulture or the symbolism of roses will undoubtedly love to have them around. With that in mind, we have looked through some interesting rose decorations for the bedroom that you will probably love to have.


Black-and-White Rose Decorations For The Bedroom

rustic rose art images in a 3 canvas set
If there is one thing that this picture shows, it is the beauty and class that a rose represents. It takes the rose in its purest form and shows it to the viewer, allowing them to admire every petal and even the minutest properties. It is a lovely picture that uses two colors to essentially show two parts of a picture and allows you to focus.

As the saying goes, “Roses are red.” If you want to see rose decorations for the bedroom at the peak of their redness, and beauty, then there is no doubt that this is something you would want to have in your home. The painting is nothing short of outstanding.


Pink Rose Mural Decorations for the Bedroom

pink rose decorations for the bedroom
From all standpoints, this is one of those rose decorations for the bedroom that are quite a lot to look at. It covers the entirety of the wall. However, the picture uses its large size to its advantage on several fronts. For one, there is the fact that it is beautiful. At the very least, you won’t have to sleep and wake up next to an ugly painting.

As expected, the size of the rose decor also means that you won’t have to worry about painting. Instead of having someone run through your walls with paint and spend money on that, you could merely get this and just drown yourself in its beauty.

It’s the type of win-win situation that we all want to be in when it comes to home decor. Especially if you are on a budget. You get to save money, and you still have something beautiful adorning your walls.


Oil Rose Mural

rose decorations for bedrooms
In the spirit of rose murals that will cover your entire wall, here is another that you definitely need to check out. To be fair, you will need a bit of an orchid or some other flower-themed decoration piece to make this baby shine really well. While these might not be overly necessary, it is always important to keep in mind that things like these require something of a theme for them to really look great.

Like the rose decorations above it, this option will cover pretty much the entirety of your wall. You will also love the fact that it has several colors to it. So, you can easily incorporate any of them into your decoration scheme and have them adorn your room nicely. As expected, the fact that you won’t have to spend money on additional paint makes even more of a difference.


Rose In A Jar

rose in a jar canvas art rose decorations for the bedroom
If you’re a person who appreciates paintings that have themes, then you will definitely love this one. Amongst all rose decorations for the bedroom, this one plays on the delicacy of a flower and how important it is to preserve them. Roses are the most precious type of flower there is, and the need to preserve them once they are picked is even more pronounced.

Symbolism is only one of the many reasons why you will love this one, of course. The piece is beautiful and rustic, with a combination of colors that will seamlessly fit any decoration scheme that you pick. That amount of dexterity can’t possibly be replaced. If you need decorations for a teen rose themed bedroom, this is a healthy fix.

So, whether you have a simple color scheme or you would like something a little bit more complex, rest assured that this mural has you covered and can get work perfectly.


Full-Bloom Rose Decorations For The Bedroom

best mural rose decorationbs for the bedroom
Coming last, but definitely not the least is this beauty from the category of rose decorations for the bedroom. Like pretty much every other option on this list, you are getting a painting that will easily cover your entire wall and make everything beautiful. When you sleep with this behind you, you can rest assured that you’ll be cruising into dreamland without any stress.

The mural is also pretty illustrative. It depicts a rose flower in full bloom, with all its glory and beauty. As expected, you won’t need to fit in with any color scheme. All you have to do is put the mural on your wall and let it be the centerpiece of your collection.



It’s pretty clear that rose decorations are all in trend right now. They’re effortless and easy to incorporate, any of these works of art will fit seamlessly in your bedroom for sure.