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Is there a more beautiful flower than the daisy? One of the most well known in the world, this flower exudes tranquility. It’s visual look is so iconic, that it is probably your first thought when you think of the word “flower.” The common daisy is actually a European species of the Asteraceae flower family and is native to western, central and northern Europe. Despite its origins, it has established and naturalized itself in hotter regions like North and South America and Australia. The daisy has had many names, including the lawn daisy, English daisy, bruisewort, and woundwort. A perennial plant, meaning one that lasts for more than two years in the wild, the daisy has many interesting qualities. Are you interested in learning more? Read below for daisy wall art facts!

Beauty in Simplicity

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  1. Daisies grow everywhere! Did you know that that’s actually a rare quality for many plant types? Despite the fact that they originated in regions with fair weather, daisies made their way to the Americas and Australia and established themselves with their naturally adaptive physical properties. The unique thick structure of their stems and petals mean that daisies can thrive in both dry and wet climates, and in both shady and sunny environments. Daisies have been referred to as “botanical chameleons.” Did you know that daisies are closely related to sunflowers, and share environmental habitats?
  2. Wondering where the word “daisy” came from? Daisy originates from the Old English words “daes eage,” which roughly translate to “day’s eye.” This name refers to a specific quality that the daisy has. Daisies shut their petals at night, then open them once the sun peaks over the horizon in the morning. Daisies probably open their “eyes” every morning before you do!
  3. Daisies have several uses! They naturally add color to a back or front yard garden, and they make excellent bouquets to place in vases around the house. Interestingly, daisies can be used for more than just aesthetic purposes. Looking to add something new to a salad? Why not garnish it with a few daisy petals. That’s right, daisies are edible! In fact, they’re closely related to the artichoke. They have tons of vitamin C, and are also known to be good ingredients for recipes that aim to relieve indigestion. Read below for more daisy wall art facts.

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  1. Most insects love flowers. Specifically, bees and other types of insect pollinators love daisies! Shasta daisies, a special variety, are one of the most highly pollinated flowers in the world. These daisies appeal to bees because they have an extremely wide surface area, which makes them easy to land on and, in turn, pollinate. Additionally, the middle of a daisy is filled with tiny flower buds which bees can easily collect masses of in short instances.
  2. Did you know that many plants are symbolic. Daisies are well known for symbolism! Daisies symbolize simplicity, loyalty, patience, purity and innocence. The white daisy, which is one of the most recognizable flowers in the world, is closely linked to the emotion of humility. Looking to give someone a bouquet? If you really want to impress, we recommend giving a bouquet filled with daisies of multiple colors and hues.
  3. Did you know that daisies are known to have many health benefits? Daisy flower extract is used in many skincare and beauty products because of the organic compound L arbutin it contains. If you suffer from hyperpigmentation, unnatural darkening of the skin caused by the sun or acne, lotions and creams with this special daisy-originating pigment can help! In addition, daisies promote intestinal health! Daisy flower extract has natural diuretic, digest and laxative properties. Did you enjoy these daisy wall art facts?


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Daisies are one of the most well known flowers in the world, but many of their qualities are known aside from their aesthetic beauty. We can tell you want to know more. How about a few other facts. Did you know that in ancient times, doctors prescribed daisy leaves to chew to help relieve the pain of dental ulcers? Were you aware that in Turkey, daisy tea is made to soothe belly aches?  Interesting, huh? We hope you learned something from reading this blog. Thanks for reading these daisy wall art facts!