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Pigs are some of the most fascinating creatures on Earth from a cultural perspective. One one hand, pigs can often be revered for their cuteness. A soft pink shade, large nose, and cute eyes. Often depicted as cute and cuddly in children’s media, they’re simply one of the most pleasant animals to look at. On the other hand, pigs can often symbolize bad aspects of human life. Commonly associated with dirty farms and being only useful when slaughtered and butchered, there is often little regard for the lives of pigs. Is there a single animal on Earth with a more wildly oscillating public image? Probably not! That’s what makes pigs so interesting. Do you want to know more about them? Read below for pig wall art facts. 

Cleanliness & Snouts

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  1. As previously stated, pigs are often associated with the dirt. Usually found on a farm, they can often be found rolling in mud or dirt. However, did you know they actually do practice a form of hygiene? Pigs are some of the cleanest barnyard animals in that they refuse to defecate where they sleep and eat when given the choice. Furthermore, they don’t like to roll around in mud and dirt! They only do so because they can’t sweat. Surprised? We were too. It definitely proves the commonly used “sweating like a pig” phrase wrong. Pigs rolls around in mud in order to keep cool due to their lack of sweat glands. Mud also prevents their skin from getting sunburned.
  2. Pigs have a behavior called “nudging” or “rooting” that they do with their snouts. Essentially, they rub their nose against something for a variety of reasons. Initially, it’s an instinctual trait that piglets do in order to receive milk from their mothers. Older pigs do it to other a comforting gesture, similar to when a cat “kneads” fabric, another cat or a human. Speaking of a pig’s snout, did you know that their sense of smell is highly developed. They are even able to differentiate one pig from another using their snouts. Read below for more pig wall art facts.

Truffles & Sociability

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  1. A truffle is the fruit of a fungus. They look like dirty pebbles, but are highly prized for the complex flavor they can add to a dish. A pound of truffles can range from $400 to $2000 depending on which variety one wants to purchase. Located underground, humans find them particularly hard to find. With the help of animals, however, finding them becomes easier. Did you know that pigs have been commonly used for truffle hunting? Due to their sense of smell, a truffle hog can find truffles as deep as 3 feet underground. Experts believe that pigs are drawn to the smell of truffles because the scent is very close in smell to the sex hormones of a male pig.  Truffle hogs have been used since the days of the Roman Empire.
  2. Did you know that pigs exhibit social behavior only a few hours after birth? Once born, piglets have a “teat order” in which piglets establish positions on their mother’s teats. Usually, the healthier piglets suckle on the teats closest to the mother’s head. Piglets may fight each other for positions in order to establish dominance. After they have been weaned, piglets then form a social hierarchy with other pigs. The ones at the top of the hierarchy often eat food first, and sleep next to their preferred partner of their choosing. Read below for more pig wall art facts.

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  1. Despite their appearance, pigs are actually quite intelligent. Did you know that unlike most other animals, pigs have the ability to be self aware? Pigs can recognize themselves in a mirror! They understand how reflections work and can even locate food when using reflections as a guide. For this reason, pigs are regarded as being smarter than dogs. They learn tricks quickly and can even be trained to herd sheep. Another thing that makes pigs so intelligent is their episodic memory. Pigs have the ability to remember specific events within their lives, much like humans. How odd!
  2. When we think of pigs, we often thing of big, burly pink creatures. Did you know that there are actually several different breeds of pigs, each coming in distinct shapes and sizes? Some breeds you may have never heard of are: Mulefoot, Ossabaw, or Choctaw. Did you know that there are two specific breeds revered for their special qualities? The Mangalica has a thick coat of hair that resembles the wool fur of sheep; unlike wool, however, the hair of the Mangalica is very rough and stiff. The other pig is called the Gottingen minipig, which is the smallest breed of pig in existence. Did you enjoy reading these pig wall art facts?


Pigs are truly one of the most interesting, yet divisive animals in existence. Do you find pigs to be cute? Have you ever wanted to pet or cuddle with one? Do you find pigs to be disgusting and generally unpleasant? Are you only interested in pigs in the form of bacon or porkchops? Well, whatever you think about pigs, we hope you learned something from reading this article! Thanks for reading these pig wall art facts!