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Desert Modern Decor is a great way to decorate your home, whether you live in the desert or are just dreaming of living in an area with wide-open spaces and cacti in the background. There are so many ways you can get started on incorporating the desert into your room or your home.

We have some great ideas that can truly help your room or your entire home transcend from average into a dream space! Read on for ideas on how to best implement some desert themes into your decor.


Orange Sunsets and Hues

example of desert modern decor
When you think of desert modern decor, or anything desert really, you probably immediately think of oranges and pinks. These colors can be very relaxing and invite your mind to wander into relaxation. What better place to start your decor than with what relaxes you the most?

The place to start with your desert modern decor is the wall art, and if you can implement some peaceful orange colors into the wall art, then you can easily accent the rest of the features in the room accordingly.


Cacti Art

No discussion about desert modern art would be complete without discussing the cactus. If you are after a desert vibe, you should consider including a cactus somewhere.

Fortunately for you, the green color of the cactus can also be very relaxing. Put some green into your home decor and you might easily feel more zen and acquire a new relaxing state of mind.

Whether you choose to put an actual cactus in your home, hang some art, or have accent pieces with the green colors of the cactus, you cannot go wrong with including a bit of the cactus into your home decor.


Flowers – Desert Modern Decor Idea

A lot of desert modern decor might consist of sunsets and cacti, but there are also other desert flowers and plants that you could consider including in your home. Flowers can be an easy way to get some beauty into your home and your life; if you ever have the chance to have flowers around, whether in art or the real thing, you should take advantage of it!

If you want to include different colors you could look for some wall art that includes some flowering plants of different varieties. Then, you could accent those colors with pillows and other items throughout your room.


Pink Sand

featuring a desert modern decor style
You absolutely should consider including some dunes in your desert decor. What is more peaceful than some blissful dunes? Sun setting off of desert dunes is about as pretty as you can get, and if you can implement that into your home you absolutely should!

This could be a way to incorporate pink into your room. If you have some accents like pillows or quilts that have pink in them, consider some wall art that is primarily pink dunes. This could give your room a very desert vibe while also remaining quite peaceful.


Colorful Desert Modern Paradise

desert decor with an afgan and couch
While it might seem like the desert is only one or two colors, you can find a wall art option that includes many different colors. Something like that will allow you to accent your room with almost any color you wish.

If you have your Grandma’s favorite afghan, or some other sentimental element of decor that you want to include, hanging some colorful wall art is an easy way to still be able to pull any color you want into your room with ease.


Crystal Clear Sand Dunes on a Blue Sky

This is perhaps the most idyllic image of a desert. Crystal clear dunes up against a bright blue sky. If you are after true desert vibes in your home, then this wall art is a must-have.

The nice part is these are all neutral and natural colors. So, you can still bring another hue into the decorating scheme to compliment this peace. Or, you can keep your desert modern style with just browns and blues too – that’s ok.


Simple Life in the Desert

simple desert style
This wall art is simple and wonderful. You can either dress this up with lots of festive ornaments in your room. Or, you can let it, and your decor, remain simple and beautiful. Sometimes the most beautiful things in life are best left plain.

This wall art has so much potential, as you can dress it up or dress it down. It gives you freedom and flexibility with the rest of your room. Simplicity is best when decorating. What you might think is a very simple piece that stands strong on its own and sends a powerful message.


What is Desert Modern Decor?

A modern desert landscape scene is a great way to decorate your home, whether you have a house in the desert or just aspire to do so. While browns and blues are frequent, you can find a way to incorporate many different color schemes into your room.

From the green of cacti to the pinks found in sunsets, if you have some sentimental accents, you will be able to fit them into any desert decor in your home.


How to use this type of Decor

It is pretty easy to use modern desert decor in your home. You can easily insert just about any desert image you want whether it be a cactus, a camel, or some nice dune scenery.

Pick a color scheme and stick with it. You can make just about any color work, just be consistent.


Why this Decor Looks so Good

Desert modern interior design is appeasing on the eyes because of the color schemes that so frequently come with it. Some colors just are easier on the eyes than others.

The colors that come with desert scenery, blues, pinks, and oranges, are some of the most pleasant to look at.

With a little luck and a little taste, you can easily create the desert decor of your dreams in your room or your home.