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For a minimalist home, Scandinavian decor is one of the first ideas you should explore!

Scandinavian art often reflects the Swedish concept Lagom. The popular concept means “not too little, not too much.” The Scandinavian artwork is beautiful, captivating, and, most of all, minimal!

Let’s explore seven Scandinavian decor styles that you need to see!


What Makes the Scandinavian Decor Popular?

The people from the Nordic regions are some of the happiest folks in the world.

But what makes them so happy?

It could be their appreciation for simplicity.

Scandinavians are known to be very humble. Maybe this is why their art reflects such minimalism. Unlike other art styles, Scandinavian style decor appears effortless and straightforward.

Pick your favorite Scandinavian decor on a budget for an elegant theme!


Mountain Valley Scandinavian Decor

cimage of basic minimalist urban design featuring Scandinavian decor on the wall
Let’s start the journey through Scandinavian art with the mountains.

Scandinavia is famous for its Viking heritage, coastal views, and the mountains.

On this canvas, the mountain range goes from beige to midnight blue. The sun is shining with all its might, and small birds are flying around. The beautiful scenery ends with the hardly visible forest.

What’s great about this work of art is the abstract touch!

There are so many colors in this print, and yet it’s simple.

This piece of art can look great almost anywhere in the home. The color contrast is the most astonishing object in this painting. It’s beautiful, generic, and you don’t need a specific wall color to complement it.


Blue Mountains

chic Scandinavian decor
The beautiful land of Scandinavia is often compared to a fairytale. Even with the harsh weather, the landscape is breathtaking.

Unlike their regular harsh weather, in this print, it’s summer! The season of youth and (also) tourism in Scandinavia.

What’s strange about this print is that the sun is shining, but the mountains are blue. It looks as if there’s a lot of ice still lying on the mountain tops. The clear skies are indicating that it’s going to be a sunny day.

Once again, the forest is marking the entrance to this magical landscape. For a nature enthusiast, this place might be heaven on earth.

This framed canvas can make you forget your sorrows and want to explore the beautiful mountainside! Let your inner child explore this magical land and absorb the peace in the air.


To The Woods And Beyond Scandinavian Decor

Scandinavian style mural
Want something wild, modern and classic in your bedroom?

This mural is the ideal Scandinavian decor to adorn your wall. This mural fills your bedroom with magic and wilderness.

The color contrast on the canvas is extraordinary. Midnight blue is often mistaken for black. There’s a certain mildness in midnight blue that you can’t find in the ferocious black.

Whether the rest of the walls are blue or green, this artwork looks great with any wall color. The painting’s generic theme makes it perfect for your bedroom, living room, and even study.

Let your creative mind wander in the wild and explore a new world of ideas!


The Old Willow

simple single tree decor
No matter if it’s a fairy tale or horror story, an old willow is a silent part of the story!

For different people, a willow represents various things. This canvas presents an old willow in the unforgiving season of autumn. When the tree is leafless, and there is no green in sight.

When you’re about to lose hope in such times, remember that there’s another day coming!

The sun will shine again with a bright new day, and even the harshest of times will pass!

This Scandinavian home decor is possibly the best on the list. With only two colors and a simple theme, this artwork is a timeless classic. Hang it anywhere, and this marvel will grab your attention every time!


Vivid Desert Scandinavian Decor

abstract style desert
This print is extra abstract because it applies the concept of Scandinavian art to the desert.

Each mountain has a unique color and shape. There’s a river reflecting the beautiful mountain range upside down at the very front of the mountain range. With a winter sun rising in the background, another day is starting in this arid land.

Picking something ordinary and making it beautiful with colors is part of the Scandinavian spirit! You can install this beauty anywhere in the house with all color themes.


Four Seasons in the Mountains

mountain art featuring the seasons
Mountains are mysterious places. They’re difficult to climb, and it’s even more challenging to get over the fear of heights!

This abstract mountain print has captured that mystery on canvas.

The sun shining and the mountains in this print are not consistent. There’s a wide range of colors used in the picture.

From the top, the midnight blue mountains represent the hard winter days. Going down, the season changes, and you see the golden and brown mountains.

The real beauty of this painting is in the phenomenal color contrast. How often can you put brown and blue on one canvas and make something so stunning?


The Half Sun

simple abstract art
This surreal artwork is unique to our collection. It’s not a mountain range, but rather an arid landscape with mountains and valleys.

The artist has pushed the boundaries of realism to create this surreal treasure. It portrays the sun rising from behind a wall and projecting a peculiar shadow on the surface. These beautiful blue and golden hills add more colors to the print.



nice hanging poster for scandinavian decor in desert river form
If you like upside-down portraits, then you’ll like this (semi) upside-down artwork.

In this abstract piece of art, you find more shapes and colors than all others combined!

This painting is not one that you can try to explain. It’s something you explore every day to stimulate your intellectual curiosity.

You can install this print in your living room, bedroom, study, and even workspace.


Abstract Scandinavian Decor

single mountain peak
Mountains are proud and majestic on the outside but have you ever wondered what’s inside?

We often judge a book by its cover and miss some of the most amazing books!

Let’s not forget how we can only see the tip of the iceberg. And in this case, the top of the mountains!

This Scandinavian artwork can be great for our living room, bedroom, and even your kid’s bedroom.

Even with only two colors, this print is as extraordinary as the next!



Ready to Decorate your Home Scandinavian Style?

Scandinavian decor ideas are an excellent way to decorate your home. You can start with a simple print and build from there. Keep it simple!