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Are you looking for basement man cave ideas? Well, you have come to the right place! This post explores a plethora of unique ways for you to create a room you and your buddies will love! The secret is all about selecting the right kind of man cave decor to set the scenery. 

Every man cave has some things in common. Comfy places to sit, the logistics of cool drinks, and of course entertainment. One thing we did notice though, was that there seems to be a very stereotypical notion for what a man cave should look like, but that’s not what reality reflects.

After all, the point of a man cave is to be a room that’s an escape for a guy and his buddies! That doesn’t mean you’re required to recreate a bar and decorate it in football memorabilia. Granted, lots of guys would love that! But, it’s also true that’s maybe not what MOST men want. 

We sat down with some of our home decorating experts and asked about some of the most popular ideas for basement man caves. The list we came up with will have some surprises.

Why? Because everyone is different so there will be a theme for everyone! It’s fully up to you how to decorate your man cave!

There is technically no right or wrong way to decorate your man cave, people are into all sorts of different things. The main point is that you and your buddies love it! 

The best part? Modern wall art is easy to buy online and a great choice for those looking for basement man cave ideas on a budget. 

The Best Basement Man Cave Ideas!


1. Football

basement man cave ideas concept with football player wall art and weights

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If we are talking about man caves in America, you gotta start with football man caves!

There are so many “sub-themes” inside the football theme itself. For starters let talk about the important ones, we have college, pro, and overall dedication to the game itself.

Our favorite idea for a football-themed man cave is to combine it with a home gym (no you don’t NEED to workout while you chill). However, in the spirit of being awesome, having some workout equipment around will also somewhat “force” you and your buddies to do a little working out every time you hang out.

Just think of the bets that can be hedged regarding strength and perceived manliness when there is weight lifting equipment in the room. It would be a great time. 


2. Hockey

hockey wall art on a brick wall with weights and workout ball ont he floor

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Ahh, hockey, the pastime of winter sports. If you love hockey then there are such a plethora of ideas you can incorporate into your man cave.

First of all, just think of how much slang and uniqueness are involved in culture. Just imagine you and all your buddies cellying together and chirping at your one friend that likes that one team no one else does.

Your hockey man cave can take inspiration from all different aspects of the game. In addition to the jerseys and pennants you can stick on the wall, you can also add wall art. An amazing idea is to find newspaper clippings from when your favorite team won and frame them!


3. Baseball

baseball themed mural for man cave

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As a kid, almost every male in America plays little league baseball at some point in time. If baseball is your favorite sport then this might be for you!

The only piece of advice we have is to make sure your man cave has a way to cool down! It can get really hot and stuffy in the summertime watching baseball underground all day.

Some great baseball man cave ideas include hanging bats and jerseys on the wall and including a bobblehead collection.

The only way to make a baseball man cave even better would be to buy stadium seats. 


4. Soccer

soccer tapistry

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Technically soccer is the most popular sport in the world. That means there is a great chance you are a huge fan. 

Imagine creating the perfect getaway from reality to enjoy your favorite games with your buddies! Some ideas include using turf as the floor or for the walls, framing jerseys, hanging balls from the ceiling and making sure you have the right beer available in the mini-fridge.

Just remember, the first step to setting the theme in any room is the decorations!


5. Basketball

mural of basketballs together on the wall

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The first and foremost decoration for any sports-themed man cave has to be the screens. This is very important obviously. However, Id like to say, if you want to maximize the happiness you get out of your basketball themed man cave, get a projector. It makes the game so much more clear and exciting.

Trust me, watching the game head to toe in a properly decorated room will change the at-home experience for you and your buddies. You might even prefer it to the stadium!

The last thing every basketball man cave needs is a hoop! Gotta love hands-on sports man cave ideas. 


6. Golf

wall art of a golf ball and club next to an American flag

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Any golf-themed man cave needs a putting green. That should be apparent to everyone. However, you can also get a golf simulator too. 

Golf man caves are especially awesome because you can get very close to practicing your sport for real while watching it and enjoying beverages with your friends.

Finish off the golf-themed man cave by decorating the walls with memorabilia and golf-themed art!


7. Animals

wall mural for zebras for animal man cave

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Are you an animal lover? Lots of people are. Does having a room full of photos and designs of your favorite animals make you happy? 

The way you decorate will depend entirely on what kinds of animals you like. Lots of people opt for artwork of lions and tigers. Some people prefer murals and others express their love for dogs and cats. 

Just imagine you and your friends in your animal themed man cave with your favorite furry friends! Having a good theme is key for finding solid man cave decor. 


8. Jungle

Wall mural of a wooden path in the jungle

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Have you ever had a dream that you woke up in the jungle? Under the canopy, with humid yet comfortable air?

The mysticism that we hold toward the magic of a jungle can only be accentuated with awesome 21st-century decorations. If you decide to go the jungle route, then definitely consider realistic wall murals to make the theme come to life. One of our favorites regarding basement man cave ideas that are unique and different. 


9. Tropical

wall mural of a tropical beach behind a couch and wooden floor

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Do you spend your vacations on an island relaxing? Is it your happy place you only get to visit once in a while? If so, then a tropical-themed man cave might be for you!

You can create your own tiki bar getaway in your basement! (This is also one of our favorite man cave bar ideas. Then you can go to that relaxing spot whenever you want!

Some ideas include artificial or real tropical style trees and plants, laid back music, bamboo, surfboards, and fake birds!


10. Rainforest

a tapistry showing a rainforest

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Similar to the jungle theme but still unique in its own way. In the wild, usually, a jungle surrounds the rainforest.

Your man cave is your choice. To some people, the idea of covering the walls in rainforest murals and turning on a humidifier sounds like heaven.

Especially if you live somewhere with a long winter, a rainforest-themed room will definitely make that winter feel much shorter! Ever thought of that for man cave decor? 


11. Beach

an awesome wall mural of the beach

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Are you a beach bum? Do you love sitting and chillin’ in the sand with your friends? If you live far from the beach, this is just even more reason to bring the beach to you! 

Creating a beach themed man cave would be a lot of fun. Some ideas are beach chairs, sand (if you can keep it controlled), beach games, and of course the correct type or mural to set the mood.


12. Under The Sea

under the sea wall mural

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Are you fascinated with the ocean? How about marine life?
71% of our planet is covered in it and 95% is unexplored.

What a fascinating world to step into. Imagine the thought-provoking conversations you and your friends will have.

Wall murals would be an essential part of this theme. You can choose between tropical seas, arctic seas, and even harbors! Feature fish, sharks, whales, octopus or polar bears!

The options are endless. Now that’s some great man cave decor! 


13. Skiing and Snowboarding

3 panel wall art of chair life skiing and snowboarding winter scene in thick snow

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Do you shred the gnar on your days off? Or maybe you live in a warm place and can only dream of the 1-2x a year you get to hit the slopes.

If this is you, then a skiing, snowboarding or alpine themed man cave might be for you!

You can make it mountain themed, lodge-themed or cabin themed! Easily decorate your comfy new warm man cave with amazing wall art!


14. Outer Space

wall mural of amazing outer space scene with purple clouds surrounding a planet

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Do you stare into the stars at night and wonder, what else is out there? Are we alone? Maybe you love astronomy or have a telescope.

Whatever be the reason, decorating your man cave to be like outer space is a cool idea. This is a theme that also definitely would be great if you used murals.

If you know anything about space, you know there are endless ways to decorate a space-themed room. Some ideas are hanging planets, spaceship themed furniture and of course a star projector for the ceiling. 


15. Fantasy (sci-fi)

wall mural of a house floating on the clouds

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Do you love awesome stories about amazing worlds and characters? Do you want to escape to a world of dreams?

If so, imagine creating the sweetest fantasy style decorations for your man cave. Imagine the epic video game tournaments that could be held in such an environment. Was this your idea of man cave decor? 


16. Dragons

3 panel wall art of a dragon breathing fire at a knight

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Do you enjoy mythology? Do you read epic tales from different times and other worlds that might have been? If dragons are your jam then you are in luck and not alone. 

There are so many options when it comes to dragon themed decorations. You can go with classic medieval dragon decorations or even a Chinese dragon. 


17. Prehistoric

wall mural featuring the silhouettes of dinosaurs behind a couch

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Are you a fan of history? No, not ancient history, the stuff that happened before that. If you are a dinosaur lover, then maybe you should decorate your man cave as such. 

Make your man cave about the mysteries of the earth. Some ideas include dinosaur wall art, artificial dinosaur bones, and anything the Flintstones would have in their house! 


18. Futuristic

wall mural of futuristic scene for man cave

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Do you dream of new technologies? Maybe you make them all day. Maybe you just love watching Bladerunner. Whatever the reason, a futuristic style man cave might be for you.

Not only would you want to decorate your futuristic man cave in such style, but you might also want to invest in some new toys! Automatic drink dispensers, voice-controlled everything, the right AI voice for your assistant, and maybe even one of those robots who can bring you your drink.


19. Safari

wall mural safari theme in man cave

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Have you been on a safari? Do you spend your free time watching wildlife documentaries?

If this is you, then why not make your man cave Safari themed? Now when you and your friends get together to listen to the magical voice of David Attenborough, you can pretend like you’re in the Serengeti! 

For any nature-themed man cave, it’s essential to get some (live or fake) plants and trees to complete the feel. You should also strongly consider decorating the walls in murals! You will love it.


20. Mountains

mountain themed wall mural for room

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Are you the kind of guy who loves the mountains and any kind of mountain activity? Do you and your bros go hiking, biking and mountain climbing like it ain’t no thang? Then definitely consider making your man cave look like the scenery part of an REI store.

Imagine a sweet mountain themed man cave complete with a mini rock wall (sounds like the next best thing compared to a real cave). Now, what would you think about that? Any mountain man cave needs rocks, trees, and amazing scenery to complete the theme. What better scenery than covering the walls with murals of mountain terrain that stretch into the distance.


21. Fishing

wall mural featuring fishermen on a boat in a lake

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Is there nothing better than casting out with the boys? Do you spend your days off wrangling largemouth bass or marlin?

Depending on your preference for the type of fishing you enjoy, there are many different styles to try. Maybe you like to ocean fish or freshwater fish? You need to select the style that fits you so you get the right man cave decor. 

In this case, your man cave should include a prized catch stuffed on the wall, a “gone fishing” sign, and a fishing simulator or video game.


22. Outdoors

wall art of bears in the woods for outdoor man cave

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Do you love the great outdoors? Is your favorite hobby camping, mountain biking, hunting or something else outdoorsy?

If this is you and you also want to be surrounded by outdoor-themed awesomeness then this theme is for you. This also depends on what type of landscape you like, maybe its a forest terrain or the desert.

Our ideas for an outdoor themed man cave are an electric campfire, antlers on the wall, lumber themed pillows and of course beautiful outdoor murals and wall art.


23. Ocean

window style poster for ocean man cave

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Does the sea calm you? Maybe it makes you more excited? Perhaps you are a salty man who spends ample time on a boat. 

Regardless of the reason, if you are interested in having an ocean-themed man cave we have some ideas for you.

Make sure to put shells on the end tables, thick rugs on the ground and definitely check out our make-believe window view wall stickers! Think beach house vibes. 

This is also one of the best man cave ideas for a small room! 


24. Surf

wall mural of surf board stuck in the sand

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If you are from a coastal town, then there is a chance you love to surf. Why wouldn’t you? People from out of town just don’t understand how awesome it is.

More reason to create a surf-themed hangout for you and your bros. Of course, you need some board and some comfy seats but to set the vibe, check out some surf murals to get the beachy vibes.


25. City

3 panel artwork of new york city

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Are you a city kind of guy? Maybe you’re even a city guy stuck in a small town? Perhaps you have undying respect for the prowess of urban areas? 

Regardless of your reasons, using city-scapes to decorate any kind of man cave could be cool. For this type of decoration, my favorite is the wall mural or 3-panel canvas. 


26. Travel

wall mural of world map old fashion style

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Have you traveled around the world? Want to make your man cave a gallery of your pictures from your trips?

Or maybe you love geography and want to cover your man cave with maps to guide the lively discussions you and your friends will have. This will guide your debates about the world we live in. 


27. Wanderlust

Wall mural of Eifel Tower

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Wanderlust is not the same thing as travel. Actually, Wanderlust is the desire to travel, and the perfect theme for someone who can’t stop dreaming of the places they will go.

In a wanderlust themed man cave, one would have lots of beautiful imagery featuring the places they desire to travel to. In this style of man cave, it’s all about dreams. 


28. Wild West

Wall art featuring a cowboy hat, cowboy boots and rope

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Are you a freedom-loving cowboy? Maybe you love old westerns? If this is you then maybe a man-cave fit for John Wayne himself is in order.

You can make the inside of the room look wooden even if it isn’t. A deer skull with antlers would make it look like an old saloon. You can also consider this one as a great man cave idea for a shed! 


29. Artistic

wall art concept for cherry tree

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Are you the artistic type? Then maybe you should fill your man cave up with your work and work that inspires you!

You could also hang work that inspires you! You could select different art styles or all the same ones! Turn your man cave into your hobby studio! This is also a great idea for an unfurnished room or for small basement man cave ideas. 


30. Abstract

abstract art showing tropical leafs for man cave

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Do you like thought-provoking imagery? Do you like to allow your mind to wander? If so then filling your man cave with abstract art might be for you!

Are you and your buddies more of the type that likes to kick back and discuss complicated issues? Maybe you sit back and appreciate artwork all day.

If so, check out all the awesome abstract art that Wall26 has to offer!


31. Planes

wall mural of an airplane

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Do you enjoy airplanes? Maybe you fly planes or like to build models. If planes are what makes you happy then there are plenty of great ways to decorate a plane themed man cave.

Some ideas include hanging model planes from the ceiling, comfy first-class style seating and of course some awesome airplane wall art! You can see the planes or make it look like you’re inside of one! You can choose commercial planes or fighter jets to decorate your airplane themed man cave.


32. Trains

Tapistry of a freight train

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Do you and your buddies enjoy making model trains? If so, I’m sure you want to fill your man cave with model trains and crazy tracks you design.

That’s great, but wouldn’t it also be nice to enhance the decorations? You can pick locomotives, passenger trains or a scenic bridge! 

Be creative, there are unlimited ways for you to decide how to decorate a wall!


33. Cars

wall art of classic cars

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Are you an auto lover? Do you and your buddies know about all the latest car trends? Maybe you spend your weekend fixing up old cars?

Regardless of the reason, a car-themed man cave might be what you want! The best part is there are so many different sub-themes to choose from. You could pick classic cars, garage-style, auto show style, racing style, off-road and so many more!

The list goes on!


34. Graffiti

graffiti wall mural new idea for basement man cave

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Do you like the modern artistic style? Then a man cave decorated in graffiti could be your thing.

The ideas for this theme are endless. You just need to find something you like. If you’re really good yourself, you can always cover your walls in white mural canvas and do it yourself! 

This idea also works great if we are talking about unfinished basement man cave ideas! 


35. Sky and Clouds

wall mural of sky and clouds behind couch

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Do you like to get lost in your thoughts and float away? Have you ever been on an airplane and looked out the window? Did you notice the silence and serenity?

Maybe you want to capture this feeling of peace and relaxation for your man cave!


36. Forest

man cave wall decor mural of forest

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Maybe you and your buddies prefer a quiet setting. Perhaps the environment in which you hangout is best left quiet. If so, you can consider a forest-themed man cave.

You need to determine what kind of forest you will have. You can go darker or lighter depending on the mood you want to set for everyone.


37. Historical

tapistry of historic European town

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Are you a history buff? Maybe you want to decorate your man cave with wall art with historical context, framed texts and replica statues of historical figures.

One idea we had was that you could use a different mural for each wall. One of the great pyramids, one of ancient Rome and maybe even ancient China. Or you could pick one historical context for your man cave, maybe even the American revolution. 

Regardless, it will be fun picking our man cave decor for your historical themed room! 


38. Country Ranch

tapistry showing a country ranch fence

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Do you live on a ranch? Did you used to live on a ranch and miss it? Does the country life appeal to you?

Whatever the reason you feel more at home, maybe a country ranch themed man cave is for you!

A ranch themed man cave should most definitely feature a bar-style hangout with a wooden bar and bar stools. Don’t forget the country ranch themed wall art, it’s all about having the proper man cave decor! 


39. Industrial

wall mural of an industrial scene featuring an elongated garage man cave decor

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Do you feel at home in an industrial setting? Maybe you and your friends love to build stuff?

Futuristic industrial scenes are a very popular way to decorate a room. Why not for a man cave too?


40. Rustic

wall art of a deer on wood for rustic man cave

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Do you enjoy rural country living? Does the rustic feel of a place make you feel at home? If so, maybe you should decorate your man cave with rustic decor.

The stereotype is everything made of wood but you should focus on making the place feel homey. You can even consider a fireplace if safety permits.

Some other related themes for rustic man caves ideas, see our “country ranch” and “wild west” ideas above! 


41. Gaming

concept for video game man cave

Are you and your bros gamers? If so, why not set up the ultimate video game room for your man cave?

You could have screens everywhere so you can all have the optimum vantage point, you can also stream Twitch on one of the monitors!

You could buy some awesome comfy chairs and bean bags and decorate the walls with artwork of epic adventures or virtual worlds as the man cave decor. 


42. Politics

wall art of George Washington crossing the Delaware

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Do you and your friends sit around and talk politics? If so, why not create the ultimate political lair for your man cave? 

You can include an American flag, framed photos of your favorite politicians, quotes on the wall, artificial statues, and of course your copies of all the important texts like the constitution and articles of confederation that you will need to reference a lot. Now that an idea for man cave decor!


Conclusion: Picking Your Basement Man Cave Idea

Now that you’ve had a look at some of the best basement man cave ideas, maybe you have a better concept of how to design yours! A lot of these concepts are also great man cave ideas for the garage. 

Wall art like murals also really set the mood, our favorite kind of man cave decor, talk about a great value for cheap man cave stuff. 

Regardless of what you choose, just make sure you love it and that’s all that matters!