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9 Famous Monet Paintings For Decor That You Will Love

Looking for famous paintings for your home decoration? We have 9 famous Monet paintings for you.

Claude Monet was one of the most famous French painters. He was one of the representatives and founders of Impressionism.

Monet was good at experimental and performance techniques of light and shadow. One of his most disruptive techniques was to alter his method having to do with contour lines and shadows.

In Monet’s work, there are no very clear shadows or no prominent and flat contour lines. The color depiction of light and shadow is the biggest feature of his paintings.


Poppies (Poppy Field)

famous monet paintings poppyfield in a kitchen

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This Claude Monet painting depicts a happy moment of his family.

You can see that the mother and the child in the foreground appear submerged in the sea of poppies. Looking closer, there is another mother and child pair in front of the bush. These two pairs of mother and child are both based on Monet’s first wife Camille and his eldest son Jean.

The looming people present a sense of movement, forming a contrast with the static house in the background.

Looking across the picture, there is a sea of flowers and clouds. The flowers in the vicinity and the grass in the distance create a vertical layering effect. It not only highlights the mother and child but also makes the distant sky appear higher and further away.

It is workable to place this triptych canvas in your living room or dining room. As long as there are enough space and enough light, it can bring continuous vitality to your room.


Water Lilies

famous monet paintings the water lily pond in a living room

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Water lilies were the subject of famous Monet paintings’ in his later years.

His water lilies are rich in colors, but all the colors are soft and balanced in the picture. The color of water lily varies with the influence of light and the environment.

The seemingly casual brushstrokes express the beauty of light and the gentleness of the water lilies.

The reflections in the lake and the water lilies seem to be made of piles of color blocks. The density and vitality complement each other.

It is worth hanging in your home for appreciation. You can hang it in your study to explore the meaning of famous Monet paintings.


Impression, Sunrise

impression sunrise on a wall above a vase

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The term “Impressionism” is from the title of this painting which depicts the port of Le Havre.

This is likely the most famous Monet painting. It also is known as the pioneering work of a long line of famous impressionist paintings.

The painting depicts a sunrise scene shrouded in the morning mist. It shows fascinating scenery with wonderful light changes and movements. The painter’s brush strokes recorded the scene of light reflecting on the wide sea.

No matter what room you prefer to hang it in, your space will be full of art.


The Houses Of Parliament

houses of parliament on a wall

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Due to the rise of the Industrial Revolution, the London sky was filled with air pollution, so it gained the name “The Big Smoke.”

The London fog is a nightmare for many people, but for Monet, it was the source of inspiration for his creation. From the mist, both light and air seem to show their true colors, and these two are exactly what Impressionist painters dream of.

The colorful clouds in the sky are reflected on the water, dyeing the water surface the same color. The waves on the water refract the light in different directions, making the water surface look both bright and dark, which is very artistic.

For this famous Monet painting, hanging it in a place where the light is not too strong would be great.


Woman With A Parasol

woman with a parasol

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This is the preservation of another happy moment for Monet and his family, it is also a famous Monet painting. The difference from the previous one is that this is more of a portrait than a landscape.

In the painting, Camille holds a green parasol and Jean is standing on the grass.

The sunlight shines on the lady, casting her shadow on the grass. Monet only used simple blue, green, brown, yellow, and other colors to give a very warm feeling.

Although the painting is still, you can see the breeze blowing the clouds, the grass, and the lady’s skirt.

Having famous Monet paintings like this in your room you might make you feel surrounded by sweet fresh air.


Regatta at Argenteuil

Regatta at Argenteuil in a kitchen showing famous monet paintings

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Sailing boats are one of Monet’s favorite scenes.

The work depicts a row of white sailboats.

Except for the white boats, he also added red houses to increase the coloring in the picture. The color gradation and rich tones make the water reflect the ever-changing colors.

From the sky to the ground to the lake, the colors and scenery are designed symmetrically. This kind of design can give you visual enjoyment.


Japanese Bridge (Lily Pond)

Japanese bridge

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This is a scene in Monet’s private garden. He has a series of Japanese bridge paintings under different lights, this is one of them.

A Japanese-style arched wooden bridge painted green spans the pond. Pink water lilies and leaves float on the pond, the branches of willow trees hang down from above.

In this painting, you can see the sun shining on the willow trees, leaving shadows on the pond and bridge. Even from the reflection on the water surface, you can see the light and shadows left by the sun.

This painting makes you feel like you are standing next to the pond, surrounded by green plants.

Read more about Monet’s Style!


Sunset In Venice (Giorgio Maggiore)

famous monet paintings on the wall in the kitchen

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In this painting, his use of light and shadow is marvelous, far beyond the depiction of the object itself. You can see that under the sunlight, only the outline of the Capitol showed.

He used a superb technique to depict the visual effect of the sparkling water on a vertical plane. The cathedral becomes brilliant under the setting sun, providing visual enjoyment.

Once you place this piece of famous Monet painting in your house it might become the focal point of your space.


Monet’s Garden At Vetheuil

the artists garden at Vetheuil on the wall in a kitchen

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Monet is both a famous painter and an outstanding gardener. In the work is the Vetheuil Garden, designed by him.

He designed the garden according to the growth pattern of the flowers and trees. The red, brown, orange, blue, and other shades of flowers are scattered, presenting natural visual movement.

Everything in the garden is illuminated by the sun in the afternoon singing through a clear sky. The interlacing of light and shadow creates a warm summer day for his family.

It can be good Monet home decor to hang on the wall if you have children in your house.


Famous Monet Paintings For Decor Conclusion

Hang canvas prints of famous Monet paintings in your home to spice up your space!